Possibility of XRF tooling apparatus in geological sample analysis


Mai Trọng T, Vương Mạnh Sơn, Bi Thy Vn, Vũ Mạnh Ho

In geological survey and mineral exploration, ana1yzing geological samples plays an indispensable imprtant role. Along with the development of science, the methods of X- ray fluorescence analysis using XRF handheld device have been developed and put into application, marking a new step in geology in general and in Vietnam in particular. Comparing the analysis results of bed sludge samples using conventional ICP method and the ore samples using X-ray fluorescence analysis on XRF handheld device has initially idcntified the elements available in soil samples; the content range of the ỉdentỉfied elements is between 10 ppm and 10%; analysis error is 20%. The results showed that XRF handheld device is compatible for use in analyzing geochemical samples, sediments, bed sludge al Ihe field office.