Researching and assesing current status and causes of landslides and debris flows - flash floods in Ḥa B́nh - Sơn La hydropower lake region on the basỉs of analyzing high -resolution remote sensing images and geographic iníormation systems

Phạm Văn Hùng, Phạm Quang Sơn, Bùi Văn Thơm, Nguyễn Văn Dũng

Based on the review of existing documentation and interpretation of high resolution remote sensing images allowing to establish distributive current status and causes of landslides and debns flows - flash floods m Hoa B́nh - Son La hydropower lake region. Nearly one thousand of sliding blocks with different sizes and two hundreds and seventy five of debris flows-flash floods were identified. They are distributed in linear of NW-SE and sub-meridian directions in Phong Thổ - Tam Đường, Quỳnh Nhai - Mường La – Đài Bắc, Tuần Giáo - Thuận Châu, Mộc Châu – Mai Châu and Mường Lay – Mường Chà, Tân Uyên – Than Uyên, Tủa Chùa - Tuần Giáo. The elements causing landslide hazards and debris flows – flashfloods include geomorphology, geology, tectonics, climate, hydrology, vegetation cover and human economic activies. Of which, the gelogy, tectonics, vegetation cover and land using status were astablished on the basis if interpretation of remote sensing images, field survey and existing documents, while the petrographically component risk maps were set up by analyzing hazard status for each causal factor.

Người biên tập: PGS. TS. Trần Tân Văn