Study the optimum arrangement of pressure relief well system

Býi Văn Trường

Two-dimensional analytical analysis of seepage for pressure relief well system has some limitations. In some special cases the result of analysis cannot be obtained correctly. Then the designed well system has wrong productiveness or influences the safety of project. Using softwares, i.e. Modflow, Surfer and Mapinfo, the author has established the three-dimensional model of geological and technical conditions of dike with system of pressure relief wells. The results of calculations and analysis from 6 cases and 30 alternatives of interval distance between wells bring about the selection of suitable pressure relief well system. For the section K160-161of the left Red river dike, if the wells is realigned 30m far from dike toe and the interval distance between wells is increased from 10m to 25m the effectiveness will be high and the risk of seepage instability in flood condition of warning level three can be discarded. The study results show that in case of inhomogeneous soil foundation the seepage flow develops complexly. To select the input parameters for designing of pressure relief well system it is necessary to use the 3D seepage model.

Người biÍn tập: PGS. TSKH Trương BiÍn.