Neotectonic features of the Thừa Thiên I Huế coastal region, from Thuận An to Cảnh Dương, and their implication for geohazards


Phi Thị Phương Thảo, Lê Thị Dung


The Thuận An - Cảnh Dương portion of the coastal zone of Thừa Thiên - Huế Province is characterized by complex geological features, which is indicated by widely occurrence of paleo- and neotectonic fault systems. Neotectonic and active faults occcur extensively, which form north-south, northeast-southwest, northwest-southeast and east- west trending systems. These can be identified on the basis of many direct or indirect indicators. The movement along the neotectonic and active fault zones has significant effect on topograhic diferentiation including local uplift or subsidence, morphology of the drainage system, the formation or destruction of river mouths. In addition, neotectonic movements also influence the geohazards in areas of which river bank, shore erosion, beach lost, sea invasion and landslides are commonly occcurred within the areas of local subsidence or active faulting. On the other hand, river mouth burial or coastal expansion is commonly associated with the area of relative ground uplift.

Người biên tập: PGS. TS Trần Thanh Hải.