New document of red sediments in the Southeast Măng Đen
of Kon Rẫy - Kon Plong district of Kon Turn Province

Trần Dun, Bi Ph Mỹ, Nguyn Thanh Tr

The result of geological mapping and mineral survey of the Kon Plong sheet group at scale of 1: 50,000 indicated the presence of red continental sediments in SE Măng Đen. They exposed and formed a ellipse basin with an area of 68 km2 in Kon Leng and Kon Gộp of Đăk Long and Đăk Pne communes of Kon Turn Province. Petrographical composition of the red sediments consists of aggromelate, polymineral aggromelate and redish-brownish sandstone and siltstone. The thin layers of siltstone intercalated in sandstone contain siliceous wood fossils. It is reasonable to separate the red sediments from the Măng Yang Formation.

Người bin tập: PGS. TS. Nguyễn Xun Khiển.