Asssessing the sustainability of the titanium ore exploitation planning in

Ninh Thuận Province

Hoàng Thị Thanh Thủy, Mai Kim Vinh, Dương Thị Phượng Quyên

 The present paper presented a sustainable frame work composed of 5 objectives and 19 indicators to assess the sustainability of mining project through its life - cycle. This framework has been applied to assess the sustainability of titanium ore placer exploitation project in Ninh Thuận Province. The study results showed that in total of 5 objectives, 4 of which have relative low scores, which varied between (-4) and (-5), respectively. In adiditon, almost inidicators presented the impacts’s variation from seriously negative impact to negative impact. Thus, the Ti ore exploitation will have potential economic inputs but it can dramatically alter the natural surroundings and socio-economic environment. Therefore, for Ninh Thuận Province, Ti ore mining exploitation plan faces a lot of difficult sustainability challenges to become “sustainable mining”.

Người biên tập: Th.s Trịnh Minh Cương.