Pliocene-Quaternary tectonic characteristics and their effects on erosion in lower part of Lô River

Bùi Văn Thơm, Hoàng Quang Vinh, Nguyễn Việt Tiến, Nguyễn Đăng Mạnh

During the Pliocene - Quatemary period, in lower part of Lô River, block-like tectonic movements were developed in the NW-SE direction, and divided by faults into three large blocks. They are NW-SE normal right-lateral faults.The activity of these íầults in combination with higher level sub-longitudinal faults resulted in forming the NW-SE basins. The tectonic activities have a closed relationship with the river’s flow; morphological characteristics, channel changes and bank erosion of the lower part of Lô River were directly controlled by tectonic activities. The block-like uplifts are straight charmels with deep erosion process and thin sedimentary thickness. In the block-like lower is meander channel and horizontal erosion process forming large thickness of alluvial sediments.

Người biên tập: PGS. TS Phan Trọng Trịnh