Dolomite and its potential use in producing unfired construction material

Kiều Quư Nam, Nguyễn Ánh Dương, Phạm Như Sang, Nguyễn Thế Hậu

Based on theories about the structure, mineralization composition and existence forms of dolomite (fine grain and solid rock), authors assumed that although dolomite is affected in alkaline environment (CaOH)2 but on the other hand crushed granules of dolomite are capable of absorbing (CaOH)2 and it was proved by certain experiments obtained with granular crushed dolomite in Lũng Pô (Yên Bái) area. The authors determined possibility of using crushed dolomite to produce unfired construction material in similar such as Hà Nam, Ninh B́nh and Yên Bái.

Người biên tập: TS. Mai Trọng Tú.