About two Geosites Hn Chẹ and Hn Khụ in Ba V area, H Nội

Tạ Ha Phương

Researching on geological heritages of our country today is a new scientific field. There is even no specific evaluation criteria stated in all of the available legal documents at the State and Local levels. Our studying indicated that the Ba Vi area has high geodiversity and many geological sites (geosites) that can be used for tourism development and in turn towards constructing a Geopark in this area. Two geosites, Hn Chẹ and Hn Khụ, are studied in detail, showing their uniqueness in terms of stratigraphy, tectonics, geomorphology and rock. They are small mountains, composed of limestone of Na Vang Formation (P2 nv), which is the only carbonate formation in this area. The limestone was crushed by a dynamic metamorphic process and became cataclazite. Both Hn Chẹ and Hn Khụ present the beautiful karst landscape. They are also related to the legend of Son Tinh - Thủy Tinh in the period of national building, so that they become more meaning to the tourism development.

Người bin tập: GS. TS. Trần Văn Trị.