Geological heritage of unique volcanic caves have been discovered in Đắk Nng and some records are initially recognized

La Thế Phc, Hiroshi Tachihara, Tsutomu Honda, Trương Quang Qu, Lương Thị Tuất

Volcanic caves in the Krng N area have been discovered and studied since 2007 by Việt Nam Geological Museum's geologists. This discovery was widely published in special journals as well as conferences held in Việt Nam and other countries. The information of the caves had been immediately attracted by many foreign scientists, including members of the Volcano Speleology Society of Japan. Some short-surveys with self-funding have been conducted since 2012 by the collaborative reasearch team of Việt Nam Geological Museum staff and members of the Volcano Speleology Society of Japan. We have conducted detailed study and measurement on three of tens caves in the area. Up to now, our initial research results have established some Southeast Asian's records on volcanic cave, including the length (1,066.5 m), uniqueness as well as the structural characteristics of the cave, lava flows, fossils and numerous issues related to eruptive process of basaltic lava. This paper will introduce the history of the discovery and scientific information related to volcanic caves in basaltic rocks in the Krng N area, Đăk Nng Province.

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