Correlation of Ladinian-aged formations in Northwest Bắc Bộ Việt Nam

Trần Đăng Tuyết, Trần Đăng Hng

Ladinian aged formations in Northwest Bắc Bộ Việt Nam are correlated and characterized by two typical geological sections. One section is characterized by terrigenous sediments interbedded with carbonates, containing bivalve fossils of Early Ladinian age (T2l1), overlying unconformably the Anisian-aged carbonate formation . The other section is composed mafic extrusive, terrigenous and carbonate formations bearing Late Ladinian bivalve fossils, which overlie unconformably the older rocks and gradually grade into the overlying Carnian-aged terrigenous sediments. The lithologic characteristics, stratigraphic relations and typical Ladinian fossils show that in the Northwest Bắc Bộ Việt Nam exists a stratigraphic unconformity in the middle of Ladinian.

Người bin tập: TS. Bi Đức Thắng.